6 Easy Routines to Do at Your Desk

“The study states that while sitting, study subjects burned only 80 calories/hour — about the same as typing or watching TV.”

Do you know that relaxing activities can be performed at your workplace that can boost your health? There are plenty of activities suitable for those who are busy working a 9 to 5 job but do not have the opportunity to do regular workouts. We all know that working from 9 to 5 can become overwhelming, and it is good to be able to take a break, relax, and then concentrate on the job.

Here are some of the best workouts put in place to keep you in shape and help relieve your mind when you are most in need of it.

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1. Leg planks: 

Strengthen the beautiful legs when sitting at your desk. Believe us; nobody will even suspect that you are doing a workout! Just sit at the edges of your seat with your knees bent and your toes flat on the ground. Slowly stretch out the right leg in front of you until it becomes straight and parallel to the ground. Lock the pose, release, and perform with your other leg for 10 seconds. Perform the exercise on each leg five times.

2. Foot drill:

The Foot Drill is another activity to do at your office. Recall how athletes in a football move their feet while they are in practice? The same can be achieved at your table! Try tapping your legs 30 seconds at a time while sitting-or longer if you want to!

3. Shoulder Raises.

This is an excellent way to ease pain in the neck. Lift your shoulders to the ears, remain for 10 seconds, and breathe. Perform only one shoulder at a time for an even bigger stretch then switch five times each.

4.  Back Twist:

Relieve the pain of your back by having a perfect twist to the back. Sit in your chair to begin, and place your right arm behind your right hip. Twist to the right side and stay for about 10 seconds, then move to the other side. Try doing it three times on either side.

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5. Chair Dip:

Place your hands on your chair’s armrest when seated, and shift your bottom to the edge of your chair. Straighten your arms gradually and raise your body off the ground, then stay for ten seconds. Return to the beginning pose and repeat four times more.

6. Take walk breaks while working:

Alright, it is not an activity to do at your workplace, but it is amusing! Your manager may not be delighted to hear us suggest it, but daily walk breaks and a refreshing change should be an integral part of the day for everybody. Every time you are at your desk and feel drowsy, stand up and walk to the breakroom – or venture out and go for a quick walk around the property. Once you come back, you are going to have some exercise, and you are going to feel fresh and ready to work much more.

Anytime you need a light workout while you are on the job, try these workouts for a great stretch to make you feel better!

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