Decoded! How to Spot a Safe Online Pharmacy

There are so many online pharmacies advertising all over the internet to get your attention. It’s beyond obvious that you are aware of the massive savings online pharmacies can provide you when you source medical products or equipment. And even then many shoppers like you are apprehensive about shopping online to fulfill your medical requirements. In most cases, the question ‘Is this online pharmacy safe?!’ continues to discourage thousands of shoppers all over America. 

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According to the Wall Street Journal, ‘ 80% of Americans favor importing drugs from Canada and other countries’. It is believed that 15% of lifestyle and life-saving drugs sold are fake a.k.a counterfeit. 

Americans have been ordering lifestyle and life-saving drugs safely from Canada for donkey’s years now. So how do you identify a safe online pharmacy?

Canadian International Pharmacy Association also called CIPA completed 15 years in 2017. During this time, it has served more than 15 million US customers with a 100% safety record. 

It is imperative for Canadian pharmacies to be approved by CIPA. To be approved by CIPA, every Canadian pharmacy must adhere to 65 safety regulations. Once a Canadian pharmacy is approved by CIPA, the website can display their trust seal. 

Pharmacy Checker has been helping shoppers since 2003 by reviewing Canadian and international pharmacies. 

A reputable online pharmacy always asks for valid online prescriptions or you can mail the prescriptions to the pharmacy. Every pharmacy site is required to display their physical address and contact information. Trusted pharmacy sites have 24×7 customer support to fill in your prescription, call to remind you about a refill, etc. International pharmacies have a toll-free pharmacy phone number, fax, or mail and many are offering live-chat to assist first-time shoppers.

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Many lifestyles and life-saving medicines sold by Canadian international pharmacies in America are similar to the ones manufactured locally in the US. They are packaged differently to meet Health Canada’s safety and marking standards. Glaxosmith, Pfizer, Eli Lilly are some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies based in America. 

Maintaining the customer’s personal information and confidentiality is a key priority of an online pharmacy. 

As a pharmacy owner, you must have arrangements in place to make sure that your pharmacy team manages information consistently, to protect the privacy, dignity, and confidentiality of patients and the public who receive pharmacy services. McAfee, Geotrust, Lets Encrypt, and Norton are encryption software used by online pharmacies to protect data such as personal information and payment details. 

Your personal data is viewed by qualified personnel at the dispensing pharmacy and used when needed to provide medications and pharmacy services. 

Online pharmacies provide the convenience of home delivery for your pharmacy needs. The shipping charges vary from one pharmacy to another. 

A safe online pharmacy is, without a doubt, affordable, convenient, and easy to use. Fulfilling pharmacy needs online or from your local drugstore is left to your discretion. One thing we know for sure is that online shopping for medical products is safe as long as you choose the right service provider. 


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