5 Ways to Stay Focused in a Distracting Environment

The biggest challenge is to stay focused. It’s to have discipline when there are so many competing things.”

– Alexa Hirschfeld

The longest chapter in every success story is the one about determination. Though performance requires a lot of things from everyone, commitment and dedication still top the list. Most people believe that we are born with courage, and only the lucky ones who are provided with an abundant supply are the ones who excel. But if you ask any successful person, they will tell you they weren’t raised with more determination; they have just found a way to manipulate and use more efficiently what they have.

1. Organize your day prior: 

Take some fundamental choices about what you’re going to do tomorrow before you go to sleep, such as what you’re going to wear, what you’re going to eat for lunch, and the path you’re going to take to work. It’s easier to pack a healthy meal the night prior, than with a hot dog vendor sitting across from your office to determine what you will have. The same happens where the money is being spent. Determine and stick to a plan. Decide the night before that you’re not going to check your emails or surf the net before you’ve done the more important tasks you need to do.

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Stick to the routine and close your eyes for a few minutes at the end of the day, and think how good you feel to be responsible for your day. Being used to preparing your day beforehand will eliminate the most healthy choices from the equation, making it easier to stop sidetracking and spending time and energy on minor, unimportant things.

2. Doing the toughest things first: 

The more you think about them or put them aside, the more difficult tasks won’t get simpler. We are only going to waste fuel that would be spent better by actually digging deep. Perform the hardest job first while you’re still fresh and have the strength to complete it.

Studies have shown that our brains are sharpest in the daytime, and that is when the difficult tasks should be handled. After these will be out of the way, we can sit back and take care of other more regular work that requires little in terms of mental effort, capacity, and ability.

3. Remove diversions and timewasters: 

There will be real emergencies, and we need to cope with them. Many conditions that disturb us are not crises and do not require us to respond immediately. Over time several of these issues will be handled on their own.

Answering these queries should set you up automatically only to get more. By not responding, you are trying to send a message that you are a strong-willed, concentrated person who is busy and is less concerned by insignificant, time-consuming issues over time.

4. Re-establish or keep your energy up:  

When you sense your strength is waning, take a quick break while working on something. Take a brisk walk, drive, rest, or do whatever produces outcomes for you to refresh and take a brief break from the job. With renewed vigor and a sharper focus of mind, you will return to your mission.

Snack on healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables during the day, instead of eating a large portion during lunch. Drink plenty of water and get into a regular workout plan. Organize a schedule with the things, so you wouldn’t have to worry about them; they just become part of your routine.

5. Repeatedly reassure yourself or your absolute targets: 

Build a vision board, a mental picture, or some process that acts as a constant reminder of what you’re striving for. The “why” behind the target is vital since it will function as a motivating factor. Think the main reason you want to collect $10 million is to begin a Third World school. Get a clear idea about what the school will be like so that you can continuously visualize it.  Put aside regular time per day, even though it is five minutes to create the path for your target.

The more information that you can bring into it, the easier it will become. Through putting music, photos, or anything that provides you with an emotional charge, you become emotionally involved with the depiction. The emotional connection is enormously important, as this will encourage you to continue moving towards your objective.

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